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Are you searching for personalised and flexible Dutch language courses in Rotterdam or online? Read our testimonials and find out what others say about CoBuild.

Functional Fundaments

A great way to learn Dutch and culture as the same time. She is excellent at teaching and explain topics in the most understandable and effective way.

Thuy D.Staff Audit at EYRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

The Free Dutch Course is a really good course. It is interesting, engaging and efficient. The task-based language learning method aims for the use of Dutch in daily life, which is easy to pick up and remember. The intensity of the course stimulates you to keep learning, unlike other courses. As you may get easily overwhelmed by other things in life, like work or study, a more intensive learning method really helps to stay focused on learning Dutch. The language trainer is kind and patient and corrected me whenever it was needed. I personally think that that helped me a great deal!

Yifei FanInternational Student at Erasmus University RotterdamRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments

Enigma is a brilliant teacher, capable of catching the attention of her students. It is easy to improve under her supervision. She has the talent to make her students improve while keeping her lessons enjoyable and thrilling. Thanks to her suggestions, I could learn the basis of a difficult language like Dutch. Anyone willing to learn Dutch should, in my opinion, think about contacting her!

Marco ScintuLegal Practitioner Read all testimonials
Functional Fundaments

I attended the Dutch course to learn the basics of Dutch. Enigma is a great teacher, really patient with people that are approaching this language for the first time. Thanks to her course I learnt how to make small conversations and the basic grammar rules. She is always available to answer to your questions and clarify any doubts. The lessons are fun and she is really motivating! Currently, I am following the second part of the course, with the aim to improve even more my Dutch skills. I highly recommend CoBuild if you want to start learning Dutch!

Claudia VaghiAccount Manager Nordics at Datastars IORead all testimonials
Framing Fluency

I had lessons with Enigma this year and I must say that it was very effective, funny and rewarding. Before I didn’t dare to speak but I quickly felt comfortable with her. Enigma adapted very well to my requests, her exercises are very useful and time flies!

Aline LéonardTableau and Alteryx Consultant/Trainer at The Information Lab NetherlandsRead all testimonials
Focus and Finesse

I have taken many Dutch language classes and met many good teachers, but nobody as caring, dedicated, and fun in her teaching as Enigma. Dutch classes with her are rewarding and fun. Time flies and one improves one’s language skills without even noticing it.

Isabel AwadAssociate professor at Erasmus University RotterdamRead all testimonials
Framing Fluency

Enigma was my Dutch language teacher for 7 weeks & 12 language sessions. The initial reason I reached out to her for private lessons was my previous positive experience in group courses that were hosted at the Erasmus University. The tailored individual online lessons that I signed up for exceeded my expectations. Enigma’s outstanding attention to detail, tailored learning approach and a unique teaching style motivated me to push myself & achieve my personal objectives. Without a doubt, I would recommend her to everyone interested in significantly improving their Dutch, within a short period of time.

Kristian VoldrichFounder and Managing Director at College LifeRead all testimonials
Framing Fluency

Enigma is personal-orientated language coach with exceptionally patience and encouragement. She could quickly spot the error you made and help you to correct it. She is the one to help you overcome the language obstacle. If you feel you never can learn the Dutch, give her a try.

RuiRui LiuQA Supervisor at Meelunie B.V.Read all testimonials
Framing Fluency

As soon as you start learning Dutch with Enigma you can feel her passion for teaching and also the years of experience. Learning a new language is a very difficult process, but she makes it easy and interesting, teaching not only the language, but also the culture, which makes it more enjoyable and also helps you to integrate in Dutch society. It is great to see how fast you improve your Dutch skills thanks to her program, exercises, suggestions,… almost without noticing! It’s great! So, if you are thinking to start learning Dutch, contact her without a doubt!

Diego Lopez MartinezTechnical Animator at Force Field EntertainmentRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

I really recommend the Free Dutch Course of CoBuild. It is the best way to know the material, the method and the teacher. You will learn basic Dutch in a small group and good environment. After the  course, you will want to continue as I did.

Marta Suanzes GrandaAssociate at Except Integrated SustainabilityRead all testimonials
Focus and Finesse

Als je streeft naar goede resultaten op het gebied van Nederlandse taal aanleren en jij wilt dit doen in een zeer plezierig en vakkundig sfeer dan ben jij bij Enigma aan het juiste adres. Ik had er veel van geleerd en op manier die mij erg aanspraak, kritisch maar toch vriendelijk. Wat mij betreft een zeer goede combinatie. Bedankt, Enigma.

Aida NisicDocent Mens- en maatschappijvakkenRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments

Enigma was my teacher to learn the dutch language, the classes were fun and easy. She’s a wonderful teacher and her classes are very productive.

Inês SilvaQuality Control Specialist at HardlevelRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

I recommend this Dutch course to everyone who wants to learn Dutch. Why? Because the small group is engaging and relaxing, so you have plenty of opportunities to speak up. The teaching method Enigma used was efficient and, most importantly, hey it is free! So just go and give it a shot.

Ming LeiInternational Student at Erasmus University RotterdamRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments / Framing Fluency / Focus and Finesse

Enigma is a wonderful teacher, her classes are productive and enjoyable at the same time, something highly valuable if you have to go to language classes after a long day in the office. She has a very professional approach and tries to go beyond the traditional “learn through the book”, for instance, you can expect to receive extra materials in almost every class. She also makes an excellent use of IT tools to improve the learning process. To sum up, I am very happy with the Dutch courses taught by Enigma. I have already taken two courses with her and I plan to continue until I obtain my B2 certificate.

Juan Manuel Sánchez PueyoLawyer (Associate) at LinklatersRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments / Framing Fluency

Enigma’s language course is well-structured, efficient and resultful. This is contributed to Enigma’s profound skills in communicating and passion in teaching. Her method in instructing helps me understand Dutch faster and better. Her bright friendly personality makes study Dutch a delightful process. Enigma can always provide me a satisfactory answer to any of my questions and keep track to my progress.

Longnu (Lexie) FuLL.M Graduate from Erasmus Universiteit RotterdamRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

I attended the Free Dutch Course. The method is 100% efficient for learning a language. Enigma is a very inspiring teacher and I loved our small fun group. On the basis of my experience with the course I can by full confidence recommend CoBuild Dutch courses.

Kätlin KibinHR Assistant and Quality Assurance RepresentativeRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments Framing Fluency

Enigma is very professional in Dutch Language training. She shows her patience during our lessons. She is knowledgeable, well organised and trustful as a language teacher. I would like to continue my Dutch learning with her until I become a well qualified Dutch speaker.

Danna JiaMarketing Research Associate at bunqRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

The Free Dutch Course was very helpful to me as this gave me confidence that I will be able to learn Dutch very fast with the learning method used by CoBuild. The course materials are most efficient and easy to understand. I would happily recommend this free Dutch course to all who want to learn Dutch.

Santosh HaldankarBusiness Analyst at Infinagora, RotterdamRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments / Framing Fluency / Focus and Finesse

I met Enigma in the Dutch course at another language institute. In my opinion Enigma as a Dutch teacher is really successful because she can teach Dutch with professional English explanation (Thanks to her study on English Language). This unique feature combine with her enthusiasm in teaching makes Enigma one of the best teachers I’ve ever met.

Lawrence PengConsultant - Enterprise Finance Digital Transformation and SAP at Deloitte ConsultingRead all testimonials
Functional Fundaments

Enigma was my teacher last year and I’m really satisfied with her course. I learned a lot in a short time, it was very effective!

Ana Luísa TenanLanguage Teacher at Braziliaans Portugees LerenRead all testimonials
Focus and Finesse

I recently finished a Focus and Finesse course with CoBuild. My instructor, Enigma Delgado, is an open and attentive teacher who worked with me to create a customised learning plan. Using the online learning platform, I could post questions, thoughts, and comments which Enigma would use to plan our next session. I recommend CoBuild to anyone who is serious about learning to speak Dutch.

Caroline (Callie) CampbellSelf-employed English Language TrainerRead all testimonials
Free Dutch Course

The most passionate teacher I’ve ever had. Enigma is a highly qualified and enthusiatic professional and makes your learning experience easier and fun. I really enjoyed her classes.

Laura Cristina Cabrera RevillaGeneral Coordinator ASFF (Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival)Read all testimonials
Functional Fundaments

The most impressive (and personally, the most important) feature of Enigma and her classes was the friendly and conducive environment Enigma created. She was a facilitator and friend of sorts and helped us to understand the basics of the Dutch language very well. She was also very flexible and understanding of our time commitments. It was a pleasure learning with her.

Vibhor SahayProject Manager | MBA - Continuous Improvement at NouryonRead all testimonials