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Testimonials (previous FREE Dutch Mini Course)

Santosh Haldankar
The FREE Dutch Mini Course was very helpful to me as this gave me confidence that I will be able to learn Dutch very fast with the learning method used by CoBuild. The course materials are most efficient and easy to understand. I would happily recommend this FREE Dutch Mini Course to all who want to learn Dutch.
Santosh HaldankarBusiness Analyst at Infinagora, Rotterdam
Ming Lei

I recommend this Dutch Mini course to everyone who wants to learn Dutch. Why? Because the small group is engaging and relaxing, so you have plenty of opportunities to speak up. The teaching method Enigma used was efficient and, most importantly, hey it is FREE!! So just go and give it a shot.

Ming LeiInternational Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Kätlin Kibin
I attended the FREE Dutch Mini Course. The materials for the course, book and CDs are 100% efficient for learning a language.
Enigma is a very inspiring teacher and I loved our small fun group. On the basis of my experience with the mini course I can by full confidence recommend CoBuild Dutch courses.
Kätlin KibinHR Assistant and Quality Assurance Representative
Marta Suanzes Granda

“I really recommend the free Dutch Mini Course of Co-Build. It is the best way to know the material, the method and the teacher. You will learn basic Dutch in a small group and good environment. After the mini course, you will want to continue as I did.”

Marta Suanzes GrandaAssociate at Except Integrated Sustainability
Laura Cristina Cabrera Revilla

“I did the Dutch Mini Course and really liked the method and enjoyed the classes. Definitely willing to learn the language at this school!”

Laura Cristina Cabrera RevillaCuratorial Intern at International Film Festival Rotterdam
Yifei Fan

As I just finished the 3-day Mini Course Dutch course, I would like to share my experience with whom is interested in taking the course.

First of all, the Mini Course Dutch is a really good course. It is interesting, engaging and efficient. The task-based language learning method aims for the use of Dutch in daily life,
which is easy to pick up and remember.

The intensive schedule and homework after each session give you more incentives to keep learning, unlike other courses that are usually one time a week. As you may get easily overwhelmed by other things in life, like work or study, a more intensive course really helps to stay focused on learning Dutch.

The language trainer is kind and patient and corrected me whenever it was needed. I personally think that that helped me a great deal! In addition, the fact that Dutch was spoken as much as possible during the sessions helped me to focus on listening while learning at the same time.

I really look forward to starting my Functional Fundaments Dutch Course in September!

Yifei FanInternational Student at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 1 x 2-hour introductory online group session

  • 1 x 1-hour individual online session

  • 1 x 2-hour face-to-face group session

  • 3 - 6 participants

  • FREE (access to) study material